Plastic packaging
The production list has been constantly renewed, and as a result, today over 150 kinds of goods are being produced with a capacity of 30 - 5000 žl, which are used in different areas:
     - for foods : ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, spices, food supplies, liquid chocolate etc.;
     - for pharmaceutical products:  phials and bottles for liquid substances, jars and phials for powder and tablet medicines;
     - for military goods;
     - for cosmetics goods;
     - for life and production chemistry - for  plant protection medicine;
     - for technical goods:  monorail connectors and rollers, glass bricks assembly cramps, outdoor bells, dowels, angle- fittings and pads for PVC  and aluminum joinery work, adaptor boxes, tube- furniture fittings etc.
        Due to its rich working experience, the Company has the ability to solve entirely the customers' requirements related to the elaboration of design, žÓulds and high-quality goods. The company offers its own designs and developments and possesses the necessary equipment to guarantee the high quality of the squirt and blow and injection shapes produced.   The base principle in this activity is the production of companies' packing with/ without patent marks and labels, where the Company undertakes up to 100% of the instrumentation equipment costs.
       The blow moulding automatic machines and the injection automatic machines of the German companies KRUPP and BEKUM as well as the compressor station of Atlas Copco, they all guarantee the quality of the ready- made production and the regularity of supplies.
       Only certified materials of different kind are used in the production process: ––, polyŚthene HDPE and LDPE, PS, PVC, ABS.
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     őMEGAPLAST Company was founded in 1992 in the town of Gabrovo with the  main purpose to manufacture plastic goods. The Company has soon proven itself as a major supplier of plastic bottles for ketchup and mayonnaise, reaching its maximum capacity of 1,6 ln bottles per month
őMEGAPLAST has got a productive cooperation and works very successfully with renowned and proven Bulgarian producers in various areas. With a large number of them, the Company has negotiated long- term supply contracts. In order to facilitate the work of  its clients, the Company ensures a fast execution of the orders, transportation of the ready- made production and payment in installments.